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Vloggers are fascinating people

Vloggers were never really interesting to me. Today, I find it fascinating how the scene has evolved. I used to think that vlogging was boring and limited to products and services. Now I find myself getting lost in a YouTube vlog more and more often.

I'm impressed by how naturally vloggers talk not only about products, but also about ordinary everyday experiences from their lives. It's amazing how renovating or buying a house gets so much attention with hours of video selfies. Fifty to five hundred thousand views are not uncommon. In some cases, the vlogs even reach millions of viewers. In demand vloggers have over a million subscribers and that's across different time and country zones.

Companies slow to take notice of vloggers

Naturally, companies are interested in this kind of entertainment and outreach. Perhaps it is the naturalness and sometimes awkwardness of some vloggers that makes them seem so honest and spontaneous. It can make a product, service, landscape or whatever, more interesting. Of course, video messages create desire, thanks to the Internet, countless vloggers and social media, it's possible. It is everyday life, the ordinary, that fascinates us humans. Events in our lives that are quite normal and unspectacular become a trend. Sometimes I catch myself thinking: could I do that too? Let's face it, hardly anyone will be so quick to be on a YouTube channel without fear of exposure and negative comments. We often feel that telling an everyday event is a revelation of the most personal things that are nobody else's business. Talking endlessly to yourself and elaborately editing the video takes time.

Honesty is de facto inevitable in vlogging

Honesty is increasingly conquering the recipient; a video vlog definitely comes the viewers well not allow estimates also because of the good representation of the Vloggers. You can't convincingly lie in front of the camera or present products that you find repulsive. You are struggling with yourself, and ultimately it comes down to, whether your message seems honest enough to the viewer to make the product you're presenting interesting. This has nothing to do with the mendacious silly and sometimes overdone character of character of a traditional commercial on TV where the message seems staged. Vloggers need to come across as authentic, they are the focal point at the center of their message. They present the product, but also themselves. That's hard to play, and that's exactly why it comes across as credible when the vlogger sometimes appears semi-professional. If the vlogger comes across as likeable and you are on the same frequency as him or her, the same frequency as he or she, the product has already won and maybe even a new fan.

YouTube has created a new generation

Or should I say, YouTube has created a new generation. When you see how naturally young people use the Internet, you can only marvel. Who of these boys and girls has ever attended a drama school? Who has taken rhetoric courses or learned to look advantageously into the camera from the right position? Lights, sound, video frames or the endless technical details - all knowledge that is necessary. Vloggers are professionals, even if they do it part-time, vloggers know their craft and quite often have Vloggers over 1 million subscribers. That means they are constantly supplied with material that they out. YouTube pays vloggers when they get over a certain number of subscribers. Fascinatingly, it's a phenomenon that's creating not just a new generation, but a culture. The times have changed: "Content is king" - long live vlogging - long live the revolution of the entire video industry.

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