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Here we show you the projects we are currently working on"


"Your-Caravan Gronau NRW Germany"

Your caravan in Gronau NRW has been developed by INTIMEON DIGITAL MEDIA for almost five years. The portal is continuously growing with a top offer of used caravans.


"Sport horses international sales Germany"

Jumper24Sales has just recently gone online. The system is based on an ad portal with high quality jumpers. A great project that is fun to work on.

"Schneiderleicht Emsbüren Germany"

The Atmosphere

Schneiderleicht is a fashion tailoring startup in Emsbüren, Emsland, Germany. Agnes has also made a name for herself beyond her region in Switzerland and Austria. When it comes to equestrian apparel repair, Agnes Leicht is always one step ahead with her new website.

"M.Heckmann Bad Bentheim Germany"

The Atmosphere

Sportpferde Heckmann is an internationally active company in professional equestrian sport, from which top show jumpers are exported all over the world with great success.

"New projects are a bit like setting out for new shores - you never know what to expect."

"Great projects don't happen overnight. It's the patience, if you will, to keep going where you want to give up. It's the constant learning and improving of a website that makes you feel "I'm on the right track". We believe that this attitude has generated the greatest ideas in California's Silicon Valley."

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