Music please


Nowadays websites are no longer static and still. Websites play music, videos and animations in excellent quality.

Inspiration through music

"Websites sound too"

People want to enjoy websites and that just goes better with music

Sounds and sounds

"Sounds & Video Editing"

Finalcut Pro, Adobe Premiere Creative Suite - video editing is a must-have today

"Think about music, how it affects you, and then think about your products"

Of course you have a clear intention with your website, you have a goal. You want to transport information.

The sound makes the music

In fact, music stimulates user behavior online, and we all know that music touches people's hearts - that's what it's all about

We use music for video presentations

Integrating music samples is easy. Stock archives make it possible to edit video legally and inexpensively

We use professional software

Whether Cubase, Propellerhead Reason, edrums, electric guitars, we can make so many things possible. In short, we just get off on it

Our history

From creativity comes passion, passion leads to achievement

A few questions answered

How to create sound?
What tools does INTIMEON - DIGITAL MEDIA use?
Does INTIMEON - DIGITAL MEDIA have analog musical instruments?
What is music from INTIMEON - DIGITAL MEDIA good for?
How does it work with music licenses?

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