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The Emsland - hotspot for innovative companies

The Emsland; vast moorland, flat and access to the North Sea coast towards Emden. A hotspot for innovative companies, start-ups and expanding businesses. The land exudes peace and serenity, a visit to the region is worthwhile. Not far from the MEYER WERFT in Papenburg, where the world's great luxury liners are built and towed across the Ems into the open North Sea, lies Emsbüren in southwestern Emsland.

The sector is a strategically important economic and highway junction to Amsterdam-Berlin, Oberhausen-Emden - here the Schüttorfer Kreuz connects countries, hotspots and regions in all directions. Emsland is not only on the road to success in the IT world, but also in many social and economic areas. Companies with a global reputation, new entrepreneurs, start-ups and entrepreneurs obviously feel they are in good hands in the region. Emsflower, Gardendreams, Louis, Harley Davidson - you name it, you'll find them all right at Schüttorfer Kreuz.

At the edge of the moors


The region is becoming more and more exciting, is growing, is easily accessible and not only has a lot to offer economically, but also scenic attractions, culture, events and real Emsland lifestyle. The region is located on the edge of the moors near the border triangle connecting North Rhine-Westphalia, the Twente Overijssel-Netherlands region and Lower Saxony.

By train you can easily reach the main cities in Emsland. Münster-Emden, Amsterdam-Berlin are certainly popular rail hubs and increasingly popular alternatives to the car. If you want to enjoy the countryside, you can drive from Leschede, Emsbüren to Emden and from there to the coast, for example to Norddeich directly to the North Sea. From there it is only a short drive over to the vacation island of Norderney. All this can be done in one working day, packed with the sights of a great region and a landscape worth seeing.

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