The world from above

Drones a technical marvel

The latest drone technology makes it easier than ever to view the world from above - anytime, anywhere. And that opens up completely new application scenarios.

Exciting photos and videos

"Picture quality in 4K quality"

Years ago, aerial images and videos were only possible with a helicopter. Today, drones deliver image quality that is almost unimaginable. From a maximum height of 120 meters, drones capture every detail and in 4K quality.

Für interessierte Company

"Ereignisse aus der Luft gefilmt"

DJI Drohnen fliegen computergesteuert und nach Koordinaten mit einem Algorithmus, der es ermöglicht, komplexe Szenarien zu filmen. Sicherheitsaspekte wie Abstände und Toleranzgrenzen sind zu 100% garantiert.

"It almost doesn't get more exciting than this and it's fun too"

We love Dronflights and will do the same for you if that's what you want. The next drone launch can soon be at your place. Your company from the air, that would be something new, we will do it for you.

Aerial videos for website content that works and attracts customers

In short, we bring the DJI Air S2 drone to your location with superb 4K video quality and shoot what you want

Movie ready after a short time. Video editing with Premiere Pro

Our drone is equipped with a 120GB storage device. Three spare batteries plus charging station for hours of filming in superb 4K quality

Performing videos from the air 4K quality with 60 FPS in top quality

Talk to us and arrange a few hours of shooting time. Tell us your requirements and let us know what shots you want. It will be exciting, we promise.


There are always new surprises in technology, one of which is drones

A few questions answered

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